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The History of Cosmetic Dentistry

December 3, 2020

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Medieval dental work

In the past, going to the dentist was about addressing dental issues and getting essential treatment. While this is still the number one priority for your dental provider, elective procedures that are focused on aesthetics of the teeth have been becoming more popular. However, just because people’s interest in the area of aesthetic dentistry has grown doesn’t mean that it’s a new thing. In fact, cosmetic dentistry has been around since ancient times! Continue reading to learn more about how it evolved through the years.


3 Helpful Tips for Understanding Your Dental Insurance

November 3, 2020

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Dental insurance paperwork on a desk

If you are like most people, you probably do not spend a whole lot of time thinking about your dental insurance. Besides, reading the fine print of your insurance policy can be time-consuming and confusing. However, understanding at least the basics of how dental insurance works can be very important. Indeed, having a grasp of the nuts and bolts of your insurance plan can not only help you maintain a healthy smile but also save you money! Want to learn more? Here are three things every person should know about dental insurance.


What Does Your Dental Insurance Plan Cover?

October 16, 2020

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young woman wondering what her dental insurance plan covers

About 77% percent of Americans have some form of dental insurance, according to the National Association of Dental Plans. However, many people sign up for dental insurance without fully understanding how it works. As a result, they end up either not getting the care they need or paying too much for it. To make the most of the benefits you’re paying for, it’s important to learn a few basics. Let’s break down the answer to the question “what does your dental insurance plan cover?”


4 of the Strangest Dental Emergencies Ever

September 17, 2020

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Dentist conducting dental procedure

From toothaches to knocked-out teeth, your dentist has seen their fair share of dental injuries throughout their career. After all, roughly 5 million teeth are avulsed in sports-related incidents annually. But what about the strange and unusual dental emergency cases they treat? Read on for four stories about patients who would have rather had a broken tooth! 


Here’s How to Choose the Best Family Dentist!

August 21, 2020

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Parents and kids smiling together after visiting family dentist

Whether you’re new to the area, or you’re just looking for a new family dentist, finding an expert who meets you and your loved ones’ needs can be difficult. However, you can make your search easy and effective if you know what to look for! Read on to learn about some of the most important factors to keep in mind during your search for the best dentist.  


How to Correctly Wear a Face Mask

July 7, 2020

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woman correctly wearing a face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic

When a person is sick with COVID-19, it can take anywhere from two to 14 days for symptoms to start showing according to the CDC. This means that someone can spread the coronavirus to those around them for days or weeks before beginning to feel ill. If you can potentially be contagious with this dangerous sickness without realizing it, how can you protect the people you interact with in public places like the grocery store or coffee shop? One of the most important ways you can help stop the spread of germs during the COVID-19 pandemic is to properly wear a face mask—read on to find out how!


Is It Safe to Go to the Dentist?

May 21, 2020

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man in blue dress shirt smiling in dental chair

So far, you’ve been doing an excellent job of adhering to the CDC’s recommended social distancing guidelines. You’ve been adjusting to working from home and wearing a mask and gloves on the rare occasions when you have to leave the house. One day, you’re binge-watching your favorite show when you accidentally bite down the wrong way on a popcorn kernel. Waves of pain shoot through your mouth. You discover that part of one of your molars has chipped off! You’re tempted to call the dentist, but will it be safe? Keep reading to find out.


It’s Time to Use Your Dental Insurance Benefits Before They Expire January 1!

November 14, 2019

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a woman smiling

Do you know what a billion dollars looks like? Probably not, but you know it’s a lot of money. Would you believe that more than $150 billion in unused benefits is wasted each year? Now that’s a lot more money, and you’d be surprised to learn that you’re probably contributing to that total amount when choosing to avoid the dentist’s office. If you want to keep more of your money in your wallet and prevent the insurance company from receiving even more at the end of the year, read on to learn what you can do to maximize your dental benefits.