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Emergency Dentistry – Dallas, TX

Get Treated the Same Day You Call!

Woman in pain holding cheek before emergency dentistry

No one expects an emergency to happen let alone a dental emergency, but what would you do if you bit into a cut of steak and felt a piece of your tooth come loose? How do you help your child if they’ve just sustained a sports injury during football practice? When you visit Coco Dental, you can rest knowing that your smile and your future oral health are in good hands. Dr. Patel and the dentistry team members are experts in helping patients get out of pain. Not only will we schedule an appointment for you the same day as your emergency, but we’ll also make sure to schedule a follow-up appointment as well to confirm that your status is improving. So don’t wait to get emergency dentistry in Dallas; contact our dental office to schedule your same-day appointment!

Why Choose Coco Dental for Emergency Dentistry?

How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

Grimacing woman holding cheek before emergency dentistry

In most cases, dental emergencies develop as a result of two common scenarios. The first is unexpected accidents, which can lead to either fractured or even completely knocked-out teeth. The other common case is the “toothache,” which generally occurs as a result of decay or an infection inside the tooth due to poor oral hygiene. At Coco Dental Studio, we treat both of these issues as well as teach patients the best ways to manage these symptoms prior to a visit to our dental office.

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How to Prevent Dentistry Emergencies

Woman receiving dental x-rays during emergency dentistry exam

The good news is that a majority of dental emergencies can be avoided by keeping a few habits in mind.

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Cost of Treating Dental Emergencies

Man in dental chair holding cheek before emergency dentistry exam

Every dental emergency is unique, which is why it’s so important that you come in the moment that you notice significant tooth pain or experience oral trauma. In some cases, antibiotics are prescribed to treat infection inside the tooth, while other cases require more extensive care like root canal therapy and a crown. When you visit Coco Dental Studio, you can expect a highly personalized approach to your treatment planning and follow-up care. What’s most important is that you get to our dental office so we can get you out of pain and restore your oral health.

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Root Canal Therapy for Treating Dental Emergencies

Model of root canal treated tooth

Root canal therapy is designed to save teeth, preventing the need for an extraction. However, if you notice pain and swelling in your tooth, it typically means that decay has reached the vulnerable tissue inside your tooth and developed an infection, which is a dental emergency. The last thing you should do is put off treatment as it could result in loss of the tooth completely. Our dental office will take every step to ensure your comfort and get you out of pain as soon as possible.


Tooth Extractions to Protect Neighboring Teeth

Clasp holding extracted tooth

If your tooth is in severe pain, whether it be from extensive decay or forced trauma, the damage could require the need for an extraction. Since neighboring teeth could be put at risk of developing decay and damaged as well, the affected tooth should be promptly removed. Our dental office treats severe tooth pain as a dental emergency, especially considering its close proximity to the brain and other vulnerable oral structures. We’ll make sure that your comfort is accounted for during every step of treatment and discuss your tooth replacement options during your appointment.

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Dental Emergency FAQs

girl looking at her mouth in the mirror

Dental emergencies can unfortunately strike at any day or time, often when we are least prepared, and the last thing you want during such a situation is more confusion. That’s why we’ve assembled some of the questions about dental emergencies that we get asked the most frequently and answered them down below for your convenience. If you have a question for your emergency dentist that you don’t see answered on this page, feel free to call Coco Dental and ask.

What If My Child Knocks Out a Baby Tooth?

Normally, when an adult tooth is dislodged, it’s best to try and place it back in the socket. However, this is NOT the case for a baby tooth. Attempting to re-implant the tooth could damage the underlying permanent tooth. Instead, save the tooth and bring it with you to our office. We can determine whether it’s best to reattach the tooth. If not, we may put a space maintainer in your child’s mouth to prevent other teeth from drifting into the gap.

What If I’m Traveling?

If you have a dental emergency while out of town, try not to panic. Find a local dentist to treat the immediate problem. That way, you can still enjoy the rest of your vacation without pain. Still, it’s a good idea to call us afterwards and schedule an appointment for when you return home. At that visit, we can then determine whether future treatment is needed.

When Should I Go to the ER vs the Dentist?

Most of the time, if you are having some kind of oral pain, going to see your emergency dentist is your best bet. While the staff at your local ER are trained medical professionals, they do not have the specialized training necessary to treat specific dental problems. As a result, you’re much better off coming to see us.

However, if your emergency involves a broken or dislocated jaw, deep cuts, or swelling that makes it hard to breathe, then you should absolutely visit the emergency room of your local hospital. Situations like that can be life-threatening and should be treated by a doctor as soon as possible.

Will My Insurance Cover the Cost of a Dental Emergency?

This depends on what kind of emergency you’re experiencing, what treatment you need, and your individual insurance policy. If all you need is a filling or prescription of antibiotics, then your insurance is more than likely going to cover the costs. However, if you need more extensive treatment, like a root canal or tooth extraction, insurance will only cover a portion of that procedure. Before we go through with any treatment, we’ll make sure to go over the potential costs with you.

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