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Root Canal Therapy – North Dallas, TX

Save Your Tooth With Expert Root Canal Care

person holding their mouth in pain before root canal therapy

For the most part, root canals have not had the most positive reputation over the years. However, you might be surprised at how easy and pain-free root canal therapy is compared to what you’ve heard. Dr. Patel is an expert at performing root canals and making patients feel as comfortable as possible during their treatment. If your tooth is in significant pain or you notice that your gums are swollen, it typically means that an infection is present. If you notice these symptoms, contact our dental office to schedule an emergency dentistry appointment for root canal therapy in North Dallas on the same day!

Why Choose Coco Dental For Root Canal Therapy?

How Does Root Canal Therapy Work?

Model of root canal treated tooth

When you visit Coco Dental for root canal therapy, we’ll begin by numbing your damaged tooth and the surrounding gum tissue to make sure your treatment is as comfortable as possible. Once we’ve confirmed that you can’t feel a thing, we’ll make a small opening in the biting surface of your damage tooth to access the inner chamber, where your infected pulp is housed. The pulp is comprised of tissue and thousands of nerves, which is why you’re likely experiencing severe pain.

We’ll remove the infected pulp of your tooth and sanitize the area, making sure no harmful oral bacteria are left inside. To seal off the inside of your tooth, we’ll use a putty-like material called gutta percha to replace the removed pulp tissue. This will seal it off to make sure that no bacteria are able to gain access to your tooth in the future. Lastly, we’ll restore the structure and strength of your tooth by topping it off with a custom-tailored dental crown. This will keep your smile looking whole, healthy, and beautiful for years to come.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

student holding books and smiling after root canal treatment

As plaque and tartar go unremoved from teeth, bacteria are more capable of breaking down every layer of tooth enamel. Once this decay reaches the center of the tooth where the soft tissue lies, an infection can easily develop. As the vulnerable tissue breaks down, it loses the ability to send essential nutrients to the tooth, causing the tooth to die. This also results in severe pain and swelling. The good news is a root canal treatment can effectively reverse the infection if caught early enough.

How Can I Tell That I Need a Root Canal?

person smiling after root canal treatment

There are a variety of symptoms that you may experience if you need root canal therapy. The most common sign that patients notice is severe toothaches caused by infected pulp. These can be so uncomfortable that they wake you up in the middle of the night or keep you from being able to focus on work or school during the day. Some other signs you may experience include:

At the first sight of any of these symptoms, it’s important to contact your emergency dentist in North Dallas, Dr. Patel, as soon as possible to prevent further damage. We’ll work quickly and efficiently to ease your pain and preserve your natural smile.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Root Canal?

Most patients don’t like hearing the words “root canal” because they’ve only heard bad things about the procedure. Fortunately, most of the rumors about root canals are myths. Using the latest techniques and technology in the dental world, this treatment is able to offer our patients countless benefits, including:

Although root canal therapy may seem scary at first based on the rumors that you’ve heard, it’s an incredibly beneficial and helpful procedure that can allow you to keep your natural smile for decades to come. If you have any concerns or questions about what it will feel like, don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Patel. Our team of dental professionals puts patient comfort first, and we’ll be more than happy to ease your worries before the day of your procedure.

Understanding the Cost of Root Canals

woman holding her face in pain and needing root canal treatment

Perhaps one hesitation you may have about getting a root canal is the cost, but the sooner you get the problem resolved, the less the treatment will cost. Don’t put off receiving treatment in hopes that it will save you money because it won’t. The most affordable choice is to take care of the problem with our compassionate team at Coco Dental. We’ll do everything we can on our end and will work with you to make this treatment fit within your budget.

Factors That Can Affect Root Canal Cost

The price for root canal treatment may vary depending on a few considerations, including how extensive the damage is, whether you require a filling or crown to restore the tooth afterward, how many roots the tooth has, and others. After an examination, we can break down the cost for you, so you know exactly where the cost is coming from.

Is it Cheaper to Pull My Tooth?

At first glance, it may seem easier to just give up on the tooth and replace it than to try to save it. However, when it comes to the cost, preserving the tooth is a much smarter decision. Replacements can come with a higher cost, whether you get a dental implant or a bridge. With a bridge, the upfront cost may be lower, but it will need to be replaced every 7 years or so; plus, it increases the risk of decay for the abutment teeth.

Ultimately, if you can keep your natural tooth through root canal treatment, you’ll end up paying less than replacing it entirely.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Root Canal Treatment?

The exact amount of coverage will vary from plan to plan, but in general dental insurance does apply to root canal treatment. This means that you will be responsible for only a part of the total cost out of pocket. At Coco Dental, we will look closely at your benefits and try to save you as much money as possible by taking advantage of your insurance plan.

Other Options for Making Root Canal Treatment Affordable

Aside from dental insurance, we provide several other ways to save on root canal treatment. For instance, if you hesitate to come in because you’re afraid of the cost of simply being examined, we have a special offer for emergency visits. For only $29, you can get looked at and have X-rays taken. Any additional procedures will cost more, but you can at least be seen and diagnosed affordably!

If you would like to pay for your root canal treatment over time, instead of all at once, we can help you apply for flexible financing. This way, you can break the total into more manageable monthly installments.

Root Canal Therapy FAQs

Woman at dentist in North Dallas

Have you been told that you’re in need of a root canal? This may sound alarming at first, but you have nothing to worry about! We’re here to help by answering some of the most common questions we receive about root canal therapy in North Dallas. If you don’t see the information that you’ve been looking for below, don’t worry. Give us a call and we’d be happy to answer your questions so that you know what to expect.

How Much Pain Is Normal After a Root Canal?

The root canal procedure itself should be painless, as your mouth will be numbed with a local anesthetic before the procedure begins. However, you may experience some discomfort for a few days afterward. Fortunately, this is completely temporary and can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers, like acetaminophen and ibuprofen. To prevent additional soreness, avoid chewing foods that are particularly hard during the recovery period. After a few days, the discomfort should subside.

What Should I Do Before a Root Canal?

In addition to eating a healthy meal and avoiding alcohol before your procedure, you should stay away from tobacco. This is because it can interfere with the numbing medication. Most dentists recommend taking an over-the-counter pain reliever, like ibuprofen, before the procedure to reduce discomfort as the numbness wears off. Get a good night’s sleep the night before your root canal. This will help to reduce nerves and ensure that your immune system is ready to begin the recovery process.

Can I Take Antibiotics Instead of Getting a Root Canal?

While antibiotics can treat bacterial infections in almost every part of the body, they don’t work on tooth infections. This is because antibiotics travel through the bloodstream to target infected areas of the body, but the bloodstream cannot reach the pulp of a tooth. Therefore, they cannot eliminate an infection there. If a tooth is infected, the only options to treat are through root canal therapy or an extraction.

How Long Does a Root Canal Take?

Most of the time, root canals can be completed in just one appointment. The length of a root canal can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes or more depending on the location of the tooth in the mouth. Molars have more root canals that need disinfection than front teeth. Generally speaking, the farther back in the mouth your affected tooth is, the longer you can expect your procedure to take.

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